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oh mannn… I’m always so tired Tuesdays and Thursdays.. having all my classes those days in a continuous block can get tiring but at least I get it out of the way all in one day.. I’m just so tired because of my 8am.. I’m actually in it right now.. but omggg I’m so sleeppyy T_T I just wanna go to bed but nooo, I have class after this and class after thaaat..I should pay attention to the class I am in right now though cuz I have a midterm the next class meeting .. aghh so tiyaaaddd.. tomorrow I have work in the morning til closing… this qtr though is always making me so busy and tired. good news though is I found a place off campus for summer housing.. now just to look for a place for the school year before may 19… so for my Disney class we have to read ponyo. haha I’m excited for that. I actually have to read for all my classes this qtr. it suckss… welp, back to not paying attention to class xP

Mar 3

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this codependency is slowing coming out to kill me…


do you ever listen to a song and remember exactly what life was like when you first heard it

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People do not seem to realise that their opinion of the world is also a confession of their character.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson (via belowjob)

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college: where you skip class to study for the class

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dont you hate when you accidentally tie one shoe tighter than the other and you have to redo your entire life?

wow I was just talking about this

fun fact

when I’m sleepy I don’t remember how I fell asleep. it’s kind of like having a hangover. well not really. minus the drinking and the major headache. I usually don’t remember how I fell asleep. like for example this morning, I woke up thinking “when did I fall asleep?” Because the last thing I remembered… oh right. I don’t remember anything really.


Featured on a blog


Featured on a blog



Me in every lesson at school


Me in every lesson at school